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Our Story

Metastar Media is a Web3 company working at the intersection of entertainment and technology, with diverse projects spanning NFT Curation & Distribution, Metaverse experiences, Tokenization, and Web3 technology services. 

We are a strategic enabler that provides content creators, content owners and brands with end-to-end solutions across the Web3 spectrum to establish and build their presence in this ever evolving, ever changing, new world.

Experience Metastar at the cross hair of past and present, today and tomorrow, technology and content, with the fan and the Artiste himself.


Create long lasting, mutually rewarding relationships between creators and communities by using cutting edge, technologies that empower the creative industry to authenticate their ownership, monetize their assets & build deeper fan engagement across NFT, Metaverse & Virtual Reality platforms. Be the web3 platform of choice for the entertainment industry by creating value for the two most important players in the chain : the artiste and the fan.


Tp help artistes & creators understand & navigate through the web3 space and work with platforms that best suit their interests and goals. We align ourselves with the artiste’s vision and design web3 solutions across metaverse, NFT & VR - customized to each artiste & their fanbase.